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Upcoming Renovations

In the coming years, we are making numerous changes to the Clawson Campus. Including the construction of the Clawson Heart Center, a new sign for the front of the property, a new bus area for our students, and a safe, covered playground for our kids.



The Heart Center

Outreach is the heartbeat of Clawson. We love people, and The Heart Center serves as the central hub for Clawson Outreach. 

This new addition will feature storage and assembly areas for food boxes, freezer and coolers for food, bunk rooms and showers for people in need, a clothes closet for giveaway, and more.


Front of the Campus

Our logo, the Clawson C, is everywhere around town and inside our church building. But it's nowhere to be found outdoors on the property. The renovation to the front of our campus adds a large sign, and a logo to the front of the building so everyone knows exactly where to find us.

Clawson Campus Sign 2.0.jpg



Children's Playground

We love our kids! We have a playground for them to play on outside, but it's in the middle of our field. This makes it difficult to access for small children, and impossible for kids to access a restroom when playing. This renovation moves the playground to just outside the doors of the Kids wing, so our nursery babies, JAM babies, and Clawson Kids can all easily access the new covered playground.